Apollo Engineering

For over 25 years, the Apollo Engineering industry-leading range of equipment has been utilised in both customer-owned and serviced rental applications. Feedback from customers allowed rapid product development to ensure maximum reliability and ease of service in the harsh conditions found in many workshop environments.

About Us

  • Apollo Engineering have over 25 years experience in the manufacturing of aqueous parts washers, agitating hot tanks and solvent based cleaning systems, large and small.

  • Export markets include New Zealand, Indonesia, United States of America, Ireland, China, Irian Jaya and New Guinea.

  • Our manufacturing facility based in Tamworth, NSW Australia is over 8,000 square metres in size and we employ 30+ staff.

  • All parts of the manufacturing process are carried out in house. This includes all sheetmetal, spray painting, electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic work, the manufacturing of the Westate pumps that we use in our aqueous parts washers and all machine assembly and testing.

  • We incorporate the latest technology and processes into our design and production. The use of Autodesk® Inventor enables us to create an accurate 3D digital prototype that we can use to validate design and engineering data. This minimizes the need for physical prototypes, and decreases the number of engineering changes necessary to the initial design to proceed to production.

  • A stringent quality assurance and final test system guarantees the performance of every machine.

  • Apollo Engineering also is committed to using the latest CNC equipment to aid in the manufacturing process.

  • We have the experience and the expertise to ensure that the customer, no matter what industry they service, is partnered with the correct equipment for their application, whether it be a single machine they require or an integrated cleaning system.

    At Apollo Engineering, our goal is to offer a broader range of cleaning solutions that are more efficient and offer better value for money than Robowash, Granowski, Furlan, SAE, MART, Proceco, Bupi and Safety Kleen.